Lemon Poppyseed Blueberry Salad

Okay, okay, okay. I know I haven’t written in a while. But I am here now, ready to write! Side note: This post is solely motivated by my desire to procrastinate on my comprehensive assessment that I need to have completed successfully before I can head out on internship and graduate from my Master’s program. It’s due in two weeks and I am slowly losing all motivation to finish it up. It has consumed my every waking thought since the beginning of the semester and now that the time has finally come to finish it up, I am running out of steam. I guess that’s what graduate school is all about – repeatedly beating you down until you have no desire to continue on, but still being forced to because you know, you spent two years of your existence and buttloads of money on this place and this education. So alas, I carry on begrudgingly.

I have been pretty terrible at staying on top of my cooking this semester. Managing a full client case load, an extra social skills group, research, classes and work have kept me more than busy. Some nights, I wasn’t home until after 8:00pm and the only thing that seemed appropriate for dinner was popcorn. And that’s okay because I love popcorn. When I have had time to cook, I’ve pretty much stuck to my basics like pasta, pasta and more pasta with a side of pizza. However, these past couple of weeks I surprisingly have found more time in my schedule. I have no clue where it came from and have been concerned that I have been forgetting something very important for two weeks now, but whatever. Free time is free time, right?

So I made a salad. A damn delicious salad might I add. Everything else I have made this semester has been so-so, nothing to write about on the blog or brag about to anyone, except for this salad. So here comes the easiest recipe in the history of this blog.

First, get some spinach. Second, cut up some red onions. Add those to the spinach pile. Third, find some blueberries (I used frozen because they are cheaper), almonds, and feta cheese and throw that on there too. Finally, if you can find it, top it with lemon poppyseed salad dressing. I could not find lemon poppyseed anywhere, so I just bought regular and mixed in some lemon juice for good measure. This salad is perfect when you are running late or are just craving something savory and sweet. I have had this salad multiple times over the last two weeks and enjoy it more and more each time. Definitely worthy a try, especially since the weather (at least in Macomb) has been so nice and summer-like lately. Good luck. I know this recipe is super complex, but give it a shot!

Warning: this may be my last post for a while. There is a lot on my plate (figuratively and usually literally) these next few months. Scott graduates in three weeks, we take a much needed trip to Hawaii to visit our pal Ben from college (Hi Ben. We are coming to visit, hope that’s okay), I start summer classes, we attend 5 weddings (!) throughout the summer, Scott moves to Indy and starts his new job and finally, I move to Indy and start my new job. This summer will definitely fly and be filled with plenty of excitement, so stay tuned!



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