Buffalo Quinoa Bites vs. Buffalo Chicken Toast

Woah. Where has the time gone?! October starts tomorrow and I cannot believe it. I am happy because I get paid tomorrow for the first time in 2 months (THANK GOD), but I am also sad because that means I am just one step closer to being done with school forever (well, maybe not – who knows). Anywho, I have been hella busy these past two months. Between getting settled into my apartment, getting back into the swing of things with classes and trying to balance work and a social life, I haven’t had as much time to cook as I would have liked. Soooo I have made a few things here and there that are good but not blog worthy ya know? So I figured I’d write about something very blog worthy and that is my first food failure. That’s right. I said it. I failed at cooking big time for the first time. Like epically failed. It was so bad that I just threw it all away. But before that, I need to vent about something completely off topic.

Want to know sure-fire ways to make your inner control-freak go absolutely nuts? Well here is the perfect mathematical equation.

  1.  Spend the first 7 weeks of the semester, new job, etc. not doing what you are there to do. For me, this was seeing clients. In my program we are required to maintain a caseload of 2-3 clients of our own. Don’t worry, we are video taped and supervised, but while meeting with the client 1v1, we are on our own. The clinic in which we work is free and there are no financial repercussions for missing or no-showing to appointments. In the past, this really hasn’t been a problem. Until now. I tried for 7 weeks to pick up clients on our waiting list. I set up appointment times and rearranged my schedule to only be disappointed week after week when several of my clients would cancel or no show completely. Normally, this wouldn’t be a big deal – however, I hadn’t seen a single person for 7 weeks when the rest of my cohort was living the dream, seeing clients and improving their therapeutic skills. I was failing behind and fast and there was absolutely nothing I could do but keep trying to pick up new clients and pray they’d show up. (hint: they didn’t until week 8!)
  2.  Have your service engine light on your car come on out of the blue. Take it into a service shop and they tell you some scary news – it could be your transmission. However, upon further investigation, they discovered it was just some weird valve on my transmission that was causing the problem. So I leave my car in the hands of the service dudes and hope its fixed in a jiffy. Hint: DID NOT HAPPEN. My car was in the shop for a week and over $400 later (which I found out my extended warranty covers – woot) and a $150 rental car fee, I was able to get my car back, but not without lots of back and forth from the service people and miscommunication with the manufactures about the right parts. Needless to say, each day for a week, I was told my car would be ready the next day. Then I’d get a call saying “nope not today sorry” and have to wait some more. Friday came and I had a wedding in Iowa to attend. I was told the car would FOR SURE be ready Friday. LOL nope. the wrong part came in and the new one would not be there until Monday so I had to find a rental car. In Illinois you cannot rent a car without an IL drivers license if you want to use a debit card. SO I was out of luck. But thankfully, the car company I used rented me a car and even took off the mileage fees.
  3. Add these two uncontrollable events + stress + general emotional instability and you get =


Needless to say, I was not myself last week. But I am better now. There is nothing like life slapping you in the face when you least expect it. It is one way to make sure you’re ready for adulthood. Clearly, I still need some practice.

Anywho. Back to the food. I made Buffalo Quinoa Bites a few weeks back and let me tell you… they were disgusting. Not good. Do not recommend. They were mushy, soggy and generally unappetizing. Probably because they were just balls of mashed beans with quinoa covered in buffalo sauce. I had hoped the buffalo sauce would help, but it didn’t. Nothing could have salvaged these. After I relentless tried to make them taste better, I realized that I had made my first food fail. I have been fortunate thus far to have liked and succeeded with all my trials, but my luck ran out I guess.

However, I did not want to give up completely because I am not a quitter. And I love buffalo sauce and needed to still be in love with it after my major fail. So, about a week later, I decided to go through the fridge and type in all my ingredients into one of those ingredient-to-recipe lists things online. What came up was Buffalo Chicken Toast. Holy God Almighty these were good. So simple too! I cut the chicken into about 1-2 inch pieces and threw them into the skillet. When they were done, I tossed minced garlic in the skillet as well along with the buffalo sauce and lets all of that just marinade for a bit. Not too long though – don’t want to overcook the chicken. While this was happening I took some French bread and lathered it with both ranch dressing, some more buffalo sauce (for good measure), and mozzarella cheese and baked that for a brief time – lets say 10 minutes. Then I took the bread out, topped it with the chicken and some feta cheese and broiled that for about 5 minutes. I love green onions so I added those on the top when it was all done. These were fantastic and super quick! They definitely renewed my faith in not only buffalo sauce, but my skills as an amateur cook. 🙂 Sorry the long post, but I have been up to a lot since the last time I wrote!

P.s. I refuse to post picture of the quinoa bites because just looking at them makes me sad, but here are some photos of the toast!

IMG_6622 IMG_6625 IMG_6628


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