Spaghetti Squash with Bacon, Spinach, and Feta

I am a pasta lover, through and through. I love carbs and carbs love me. Its a mutually loving relationship. Despite my unending love for carbs, I sometimes need a break. I have been wanting to try spaghetti squash for some time now but I have been afraid of two things happening: first, that I’ll hate it and I wasted money and time on making the meal; second, that I’ll love it and it will take over my whole life. After trying this recipe, I am very fearful of the latter. 🙂

I bought my squash from the farmer’s market here in Macomb and all the rest of the ingredients from Hyvee. I cut the top and the bottom of the squash off and threw it away. I then cut the squash crosswise into rings that were about 1 inch thick. I took out the seeds by cutting the center of each piece out and tossing them away. I coated the pieces in olive oil and sprinkled salt and pepper on both sides and placed it in the oven at 400 degrees for 30 minutes. While the squash was cooking, I cleaned my room. Once the 30 minutes passed, I pulled out the squash and set it aside. I then cut the bacon into 1 inch pieces and cooked it lightly for a couple of minutes on medium high heat. I lowered the heat to low and let the bacon cook until it was crispy. When the bacon was crispy and delicious, I turned the heat back up and added the red wine vinegar. I mixed that around make sure to get all of the delicious caramelized pieces of bacon off the bottom of my pan. I then mixed in the maple syrup and stirred to combine all the ingredients. I turned the heat back down and added a few handfuls of spinach, one at a time, stirred until it wilted and then added some more. I turned the burner off and set this mixture/sauce aside and shredded the squash with a fork and added that into the mixture/sauce. I then added some feta cheese, turned up the heat a bit and mixed everything until it was warm and gooey and fantastic. This was absolutely fantastic. So savory and sweet and I thoroughly enjoyed the squash as a carb-free version of a “noodle.” Seriously. Eat this tomorrow. You will not be sorry!



Spaghetti squash, bacon, feta cheese, spinach, red wine vinegar, olive oil, maple syrup, salt, pepper and olive oil

IMG_6324 IMG_6325 IMG_6327 IMG_6329 IMG_6330


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