Dark Chocolate Detox Bites and Sausage Egg & Cheese Breakfast Rollups

After I completed all of my pallet projects, it was just about time to move back to Macomb. I was both very ready and completely resistant to heading back to Illinois for another year of school. I got back to good ole’ Macomb and got all the way moved in/unpacked when I was greeted by a not-so-nice tenet already living in my apartment. No, I am not talking about another human being, but a very large flea infestation. I am telling you, there is no other bug infestation worse than fleas. They are ruthless and they bite. For the first day, I tolerated my new roomies, but by the next morning after I spent an entire night swatting at fleas and scratching at bites I had had enough. I spent the night at a friends and permanently evicted my nasty roomies. Its been about two weeks and my apartment is flea free! Definitely not something I would wish on anyone. After the flea fiasco, I started work at the Alcohol and Other Drug Resource Center on Campus the week before classes began. I am very fortunate to have a wonderful and helpful staff that I get the pleasure of working with. In the past, I have not been so lucky so I am very grateful for the good year ahead. We’ve already had a couple of alcohol education events! That’s my job as a graduate assistant this year is to educate students on campus about alcohol and other drug use. I’m glad to have an assistantship that ties very closely to my future career path as a psychotherapist. After 20 hours of work in three days, I had a nice and relaxing weekend catching up with my cohort and meeting the first-year cohort. Then all hell broke loose. Earlier in the summer I tried to prepare myself for what I knew was going to be a challenging year, but I never expected what my first week gave me: eleven hours of class, 20 hours or work, 7 hours of direct client/supervisor time and what I am sure is going to be buttloads of hours of homework. It has already taken its toll on me thus far so I am sure it’ll continue to get worse. A challenging year, but a great year for learning and getting hands on experience in my field is what I keep telling myself. I am hoping this phrase prevents me from going cookoo come November.

I write a lot about dinner food because for me, that’s the hardest meal for me to plan. I hate coming home from class/work only to hate everything/not feeling anything I have in my fridge. That’s the worst. I focus so much on brining variety into my dinner meals that I sometimes forget about the most important meal(s) of the day: breakfast and snack time. I am one of those people that could snack all day, every day if you’d let me. I try to limit my snackage to one in the morning and one in the afternoon, but I am not always successful. I have traditionally disliked nuts and seeds but for some strange reason, I began to really enjoy eating them over the summer. To keep this new development going, I decided to make these salty snacks a little sweeter. I bought dark chocolate (45% cacao), melted it and dolloped it onto some wax paper. I then topped it with dried blueberries, dried cranberries (my fave), chopped walnuts, peppitas, and almonds. I popped these puppies in the fridge for a couple of hours and presto! A delicious (semi-healthy) chocolate-y snack perfect for an on-the-go person like me. I stored them in the fridge to prevent them from melting and I personally think they taste better when they are cold. So easy and requires very little prep. And they are obviously delicious so give them a try!

I get into phases with my breakfast food. I’ll eat yogurt for a while, then cereal, then smoothies, and sometimes even just some fruit. It gets kind of monotonous eating the same thing day in and day out. The scientists say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so this week, I decided to care a little bit more about what I was having for breakfast. I was feeling tired of cold stuff. I wanted something hot to eat, but I usually wake up late and thus have very little time to make a full-fledged hot breakfast. To counter this issue, I decided to make everything beforehand and refrigerate or freeze what I made that I would not be able to eat in a couple of days. I found this recipe and I knew I had to try it. Seriously people, it was so easy my Mom could probably do it without calling me for instructions 😉 (love ya, ma!). I bought the crescent rolls and laid them flat on a cookie sheet and topped with half a slice of cheddar cheese. I scrambled some eggs and put those on there as well. Finally I added a fully cooked sausage link (like those pre-cooked ones you buy at the store) and rolled the crescent roll into its normal shape, but with all the breakfast goodness inside! I baked them for 15 minutes at 350 degrees. They came out perfectly! I put some in the fridge for tomorrow and the rest in the freezer for later. I am so excited to wake up tomorrow and eat on of these; they are simply amazing!


Detox Bites: http://theviewfromgreatisland.com/dark-chocolate-detox-bites/

Dark chocolate – the higher the cacao, the better it is for you!, your favorite dried fruit, nuts and seeds

Sausage, Egg & Cheese Rollups: http://www.tablespoon.com/recipes/sausage-egg-and-cheese-breakfast-roll-ups/e6d99aed-541a-4472-bd0a-27281ef52744/?nicam4=SocialMedia&nichn4=Pinterest&niseg4=Tablespoon&nicreatID4=Post&crlt.pid=camp.G0aqaeNFA60U

Crescent rolls, eggs, salt, pepper, cheddar cheese, fully cooked sausage links

IMG_6319 IMG_6321 IMG_6271


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