Pallet Projects

Along with my desk, I found time to create two wooden pallet projects. The first thing I made was a coffee table for my living room. I then made a coffee cup holder with my leftovers from the pallet coffee table! Overall, I am very pleased with how they turned out. My Dad did all the cutting of the pallets but I was able to much of the rest of the work myself (okay, with some help from my awesome Dad!).

For the coffee table, the first thing we did was cut the 2 separate pallets to size and sand those pieces. We then spent over a week trying to figure out how to attach the two together. We finally decided to add a piece of plywood between the two and MacGyvered the top and bottom pallet to the plywood. To do that, I used a nail gun. And it was awesome. So once the top and the bottom were attached to the middle plywood piece, we attached another piece of plywood onto the bottom of the bottom pallet. To make sure the pallet would be the right height, we screwed two blocks to the bottom of each corner and then attached the wheels to those blocks. I painted the entire thing in “Tahini Vanilla” (lol code word for white) and sanded some the edges to make it look “rustic.” You won’t be able to see that in the photo though. This project was much easier and took us significantly less time than the desk we made a few weeks back. I am very excited to get this piece into my living room!

With the leftover piece from one of the pallets we used for the coffee table, I decided to make a coffee cup storage hanging piece. All I had to do was sand the pallet to make sure I wouldn’t cut my hand off every time I reached for a cup. After I sanded the pallet, I attached hooks 4 inches apart from each other to provide enough space between the cups when they hang. I also added three bigger hooks so that I can hang pots and pans if I need to! My new apartment that I am moving into does not have a lot of cabinet space so having hanging space will be a life saver! I used 4 inch letters to write “coffee” at the top. I used the same white that I used for the coffee table. I taped the stencil to the pallet and used a sponge brush to sponge the paint on to create the fuzzy looking edges.

Finally all of my summer projects are complete! I will be sure to post pictures of what it all looks like in my new apartment 🙂

I attached pictures of my chair that I re-did as well! Also in the pallet coffee table picture, the wooden blocks that the wheels are attached too are not painted. Do not fret, they are painted now!

IMG_6003 IMG_6005 IMG_6006 IMG_6007 IMG_6010 IMG_6119


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