Spiced Chickpea Wraps with Tahini Dressing

I know I haven’t blogged in a while… Please everyone, put down your torches and pitchforks and back away because I’m back. As my final weeks of my first year in graduate school come to an end, I find myself incredibly busy and undoubtedly unmotivated. With summer being just a few weeks away, I cannot seem to find any motivation anywhere. As it always does, motivation happens to pop up when I need it most and all things turn out fine in the end. It just needs to get here, and soon.

I am slowly but surely recovering from an AMAZING Drake Relays this past weekend. I simultaneously felt incredibly old and incredible young. Drinking at 8:00 AM made me feel like a bad-ass 21 year old again, but then the inevitable crash at 6:00 PM and subsequent coma that I feel into made be feel SO OLD. Regardless of all of these feels, I had a wonderful weekend with my friends! It was so great to see all of my DG sisters again and all of my older friends who undoubtedly felt older than I did.

When I retuned back home to good ole Macomb, I came home to a surprise… As some of you know, I have a random roommate that I was assigned to live with back in August. I’m in my room eating those gross Mac&Cheese microwave cup things and I hear a light tap on my door. Jana proceeds to show me ANOTHER CAT. She already has one (Shakespeare – or as I like to call him the devil incarnate). This new cat is named Toby. Toby is 13 years old and literally dying. Not figuratively, LITERALLY. He’s blind, has only two teeth left, has a broken leg, and I am 100% convinced this poor guy has stomach cancer. So you get my drift; he’s in bad shape. He cannot even meow anymore that’s how bad this is – he just makes weird noises that sound like barks but aren’t. IDK. Anyway, after my complete and utter shock (and frustration and anger), I was able to look past it and see how kinda cute he really is. Though he is for sure going to die soon, at least he’ll die with new friends? (GAH that sounds stupid).

Back to the food. I decided that I was going to try #meatlessmonday for dinner tonight and searched through my cookbook for something that didn’t have beans as a meat supplement. I stumbled upon this fantastic recipe and decided it was go time. I had a lot of the ingredients at home already so I went to the store to get some chickpeas and Tahini. I will warn you, Tahini is hella expensive. Like $7.50 a jar expensive. WHY? Anyway, I mixed the ingredients for the dressing first and put them in the fridge to cool while I made everything else. I bought canned chickpeas because I’m a cop-out and had never cooked chickpeas before. I threw two cans of those puppies onto the skillet and let them simmer for a few minutes until they were turning a golden color and kinda popping around. I then quickly mixed together the lemon juice, maple syrup and the soy sauce together and dumped that in there and mixed it all around until it evaporated. I finally added the spices and let the whole thing cook for about 30 seconds more. I placed a nice heap on a flour tortilla and topped it off with coleslaw, cucumber, feta cheese and the tahini dressing. I was thoroughly impressed by this! Though the chickpeas had a vague consistency of the dreaded beans that I hate so much, I felt that everything else, especially the spices made it taste so good that I didn’t really notice. Definitely a very easy and pretty inexpensive recipe (minus the weird tahini stuff) to make!

I am attaching pictures of the ingredients list and recipe because I am lazy. Also, here is a picture of Toby that hopefully doesn’t make you sad.

IMG_4783 IMG_4788 IMG_4801 IMG_4803 IMG_4804 IMG_4805


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