Corn and Green Chile Baked Flautas

So I have this conundrum. I want to try to eat healthier, but I am afraid to try new foods. In my healthy (but sassy) cookbook, there are so many recipes that look absolutely delicious that have ingredients in them that I am afraid to try, so I keep breezing past them. Tonight, was one of those nights (unfortunately) where I looked through my cookbook and just wasn’t feeling it. I finally settled on the corn and green chile baked flautas. Out of all the recipes in the cookbook, this was one that was definitely in my comfort zone minus one major ingredient. Those who know me well know that I hate beans. All kinds of beans. EVERY SINGLE BEAN, I HATE IT. Just something about the consistency of beans absolutely sends me over the edge. They are gross. End of story. Unfortunately, the filling in these flautas were mashed up pinto beans. Literally my worst nightmare. 3 cups of mashed up pinto beans. Seriously, what could be worse? So again, instead of sucking it up and making this recipe like the book intended, I switched out the beans with shredded chicken. Maybe someday I’ll grow up, but I doubt it. I boiled the chicken, shredded it, and placed it in a bowl with a can of green chiles. While that was happening, I sautéed the onions for a few minutes, added the seasoning and the garlic and sautéed it for about a minute more. I added that concoction along with corn to the bowl of chicken and green chiles. I added juice of half a lime overtop and mixed it all together. I warmed up the tortillas and then filled them with the delicious filling and baked them at 400 degrees for about 10 minutes (or until the tortillas were slightly golden). These were really good! I liked the sweetness of the corn with the spicy-ness of the seasonings. Definitely a delicious combination! Along with these, I made homemade corn tortilla chips. I took 4 corn tortillas and cut them into chip-sized bites. I brushed them with oil and sprinkled chili powder, ground coriander, and salt over top. I baked them for 5 minutes on each side at 400 degrees. I squeezed a little leftover lime juice on them when they cooled and literally devoured them. I will definitely be making homemade tortilla chips more often! It was way easier than I thought it would be! Overall, another excellent recipe! This would be sooo great with homemade salsa or pico as well 🙂


Olive oil, cooking spray, yellow onion, chili powder, ground cumin, salt, garlic, chicken (or pinto beans), green chiles, lime juice, corn, flour tortillas

IMG_4336 IMG_4337 IMG_4338 IMG_4333[1]


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