Oscar Sunday

On Friday, I felt the need to watch as many as the Oscar nominees for Best Picture as I could before the Academy Awards aired tonight. Before I had this idea, I had only seen American Sniper. I went to the Family Video here in Macomb (yes, they still exist) and rented Boyhood and Theory of Everything. Birdman and Grand Budapest Hotel were both gone which bummed me out because I really wanted to see them. What I found interesting was for each of these films, there were 5 copies (or less) available to rent compared to the 10-15 copies of all of the other new releases like The Interview and Edge of Tomorrow. It seemed odd to me with the Oscars on Sunday, but I digress. I rented both for less than $3 thanks to my two-week half price coupon. I settled in a started with Boyhood. I really enjoyed the concept of following these actors and filming them periodically over a 12 year period. However, I felt the movie lacked something that I couldn’t put my finger on. I am no movie expert, simply my opinion. On Saturday I watched Theory of Everything and liked this film much better. I could not get over how amazing Eddie Redmayne was as Steven Hawking. SO GOOD. The transformation he portrayed was absolutely phenomenal. Today, I went with Page to see The Imitation Game. Again, I was thoroughly impressed with this film. Benedict Cumberbatch is my man and I loved his performance as Alan Turing. Both The Theory of Everything and The Imitation Game brought to light aspects in our society that are rarely discussed in popular film. I was definitely pleased with all of the films that I saw. I was bummed that I did not get a chance to see the other 4 nominees, but am sure the decision will be a difficult one. At this point, some of you may be asking “Madison, how the hell do you have so much time on your hands?” Well inquisitive (and slightly nosy) readers, with this semester in grad school being my easiest one, I have a lot of free time on my hands (partial explanation for starting the blog). I read a lot (for fun!), watch way too much Nextflix and try to keep myself entertained as much as I can. I know I should enjoy this miniature break before next year where free time will cease to exist, but I can’t help but feel a little guilty. I am constantly feeling like I need to fill my time with things and stuff to do. I cannot wait for spring to get here so I can do more outdoor activities to keep me busy!

For dinner tonight, I made one of my all-time favorite dinners – pizza! I love pizza. So much. I could eat it every day if I could without consequences. My favorite pizza to make (and eat) is a version of a popular pizza served at the restaurant I used to work at in high school (Pagliai’s Pizza). Living so far from my hometown where this pizza resides sucks big time so I keep all the ingredients on hand at all times in case I get a sudden craving for some pepperoni pesto pizza. I recommend thin crust whole wheat pizza crust; I buy the pre-made kind from Hy-Vee, but you can definitely make your own if you are up to it! I top the pizza with pesto sauce, pepperonis, onions, hot pepperoncini, tomatoes, and feta cheese with some light Italian spices on top. Bake at 425 for 8-10 minutes and enjoy! Give it a try if you are feeling something new in the pizza department!



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