Wednesday: Breakfast for Dinner

On Wednesdays, we have family dinner. In the entire Clinical/Community Mental Health program (CCMH) there are 10 of us total – 5 girls in each year. As you can imagine, when the 10 of us are all together at the same time, we reach approximately 115 on the Decibel Meter. There is lots of talking, laughing and most importantly, eating. Due to it being the first day of Lent and 4/10 of us are Catholic, breakfast for dinner sounded like the perfect option! SJ (who is a second year in the program) came over and cooked french toast and chocolate chip pancakes at my apartment. Obviously, mimosas and wine were had by all. Family dinner this week was pretty calm; no cooking disasters or big bitch fests. I think we were all so tired already from this busy week that we just gave up early. Its always fun getting to spend time outside the classroom with my cohort. I am pretty lucky to have such good friends who also like pizza, wine and bitching about life in Macomb. 🙂


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